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Plated: for food

Food should be plated, not binned

Plated helps you to manage your food with minimal effort. Keep track of what you have, where it is stored, and when it will expire. No more packets going stale in the cupboard. No more jars mouldering in the fridge. No more left-overs languishing in the freezer. Use your food, reduce waste, and hopefully save some money too.



Plated does not collect any personal data. All data used by Plated is stored on your device and nowhere else. There is no third party involvement.

In-app purchases

Unlimited stock

Plated is free to download. It is fully functional, and you can have up to 20 stock items at once.


If you have reached the stock item limit, you won't be able to add any more items. To solve this, either delete some items to  free up space, or purchase Unlimited stock in the Settings tab.

If you are finding Plated useful, please consider purchasing Unlimited stock. Thank you.

In-app purchases

Think of Plated as a new tool for your kitchen, and make it part of your everyday. When meal planning, check if any stock needs using soon. When shopping, check stock levels. When unpacking, update stock levels. And when cooking, swipe away your used up stock. You will soon find that you are managing your food more efficiently. Enjoy the feeling.

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