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My name is Tania, and this website provides support for my apps.


Here's the story of how I got into app development.

So, my kids bought me a computer game, of the adventure variety. It took me ages to complete, during which time I was reminded of just how much I like sitting in front of a computer and solving problems.

It was the push I needed to start working on an app. I had been thinking about it for ages, ever since I got my first iPhone, but somehow life got in the way.

I bought some books, looked at some online resources, and taught myself how to code in Swift for iOS. The result was Flexi Clean, an app for keeping on top of your cleaning. Because I hate cleaning.

I have been writing computer programs ever since studying astronomy at university. I have used my programs to model environmental systems and to analyse observational data. Mostly using Fortran.

It was hard to choose a domain name, but I eventually decided on Astelia Apps. The Astelia plant is native to New Zealand, which is where I grew up. And it sounds like it belongs in space. And I like the alliteration.

For those keen to know, the above mentioned game was Obduction. And yes, I did play Myst and Riven when they first came out.

Astelia plant
Astelia plant
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