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Frozen peas



This screenshot shows the settings that might be used for a packet of frozen peas purchased from the supermarket.


Let's assume that the instructions on the packet say that they should be kept in a freezer, and that they have a best-before date.


The Store action is therefore applicable, whereas the Open and Freeze actions are not.

The Open and Freeze actions are hidden from view. This is because they are not applicable when the Store action has a freezer-type location.


Store action

This screenshot shows the result of using the Store action.

The information in the screenshot describes stored frozen peas. This information has been auto-filled, and needs to be checked.

You will probably need to change the best-before date, which has a default value of Today. You could also change the name and location, and add a note.

To confirm the action, tap on Save, otherwise tap on Cancel.

Confirming the action will store some frozen peas in your freezer. They will be listed as a stock item in your Stock tab.

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