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Flexi Clean: for housework
Fit cleaning around your life

Flexi Clean allows you to create a cleaning routine for your home that is flexible and achievable. You choose what to clean, and when to do it. Didn't have the time or the energy to clean today? Feeling overwhelmed with too much cleaning? No problem. Simply use Flexi Clean to adjust your routine, and you will be back on track.

Plated: for food
Put food on your plate, not in the bin

Plated helps you to use your food efficiently. You will know what you have, where it is stored, and when it needs to be used by. No more packets going stale in the cupboard. No more jars mouldering in the fridge. No more left-overs languishing in the freezer. Use your food before it expires, reduce your food waste, and hopefully save some money too.

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